TrueSignal Antenna
The #1 rated indoor HDTV antenna in America.
TrueSignal Antenna
The #1 rated indoor HDTV antenna in America.
Never Pay For Cable Again
Watch unlimited TV for FREE with the TrueSignal Antenna - No More Monthly Payments
America's Most Advanced HDTV Antenna
Deemed as the only true “super” HDTV antenna, TrueSignal was designed specifically to fight back against the big cable companies who continue to rip off countless Americans. The average American pays $850/year for cable with prices steadily rising each year. That’s not fair. The TrueSignal Antenna reliably picks up TV signals so hard-working Americans like your self can access FREE crystal-clear HD television forever with no monthly payments. It’s time to ditch your cable company and switch to TrueSignal.
Full Featured, Right Out Of The Box
You get everything you’ll ever need. No more monthly payments.
65 Mile Range
TrueSignal leads it's class in range and reception, being able to pick up channels from further away.
Your Favorite Channels
Access up to 100+ channels. Local news, weather, live sports (NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, NASCAR, Golf, College, Tennis, etc), tv shows and movies.
Multi-Directional and Reversible
No “pointing” needed and can be placed anywhere for peak performance.
Uses Military Technology
Flat paper-thin design is based on military technology to capture the clearest HD quality picture!
Easy 3 Step Setup - Takes Less Than 2 Minutes
Plug into your TV
Plug the coaxial cable into the Antenna input in the back of your TV.
Scan for channels
Once your antenna is plugged in, simply scan for channels using your TV menu.
Enjoy free TV!
Now you have access to tons of free channels to enjoy forever.
Why Us?
Here's why you should go with us instead of those other competitors!
Quality Customer Care
You, the customer, are our #1 priority! We make sure to get every issue resolved in a timely manner! Easy contact, fast response.
Others Can't Compare
Don't waste time on those other antennas on the market. None match the technology or value that TrueSignal brings to you!
Over 2 Million Sold
With over 2 million units sold just this year, you can tell that you'll be buying a product that works and millions of others love!
"I was a little nervous buying something out of the blue on the internet...but the cables bills have been racking up so I figured anything to get out of that would be a welcomed change. Boy was I right! I live in a rural area and I still pick up over 50 channels. The easiest decision you'll ever make!"
James Williamson
Fort Worth, TX
"I bought this based on the claims of it being able to get signals up to 60+ miles out. When I got it, it was a lot more compact than expected. It is so light, the cable cord can move it with ease. I was concerned that this small thing would not reliably pick up the TV signals. However, I was dead wrong, THIS THING IS GREAT!"
Jamie Berg
Portland, OR
"We cut the cord thanks to the TrueSignal antenna! We get all the channels we regularly watch as well as some we didn't have before. The set up was SO simple and only took a few minutes to get it up and running. After we turned it on, every channel came in great with picture quality that is the same as cable quality!"
Michelle Stanton
Providence, RI
Ready to ditch cable and cut the cord?